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Perception is Reality

Now you’re thinking, “Oh great. This guy thinks killing coworkers is his reality.”

Not quite.

Basically when you work with people, they have their own shit going on in their head. It could be breakups, finances, who the fuck knows. All you know is that this mother fucker on saute station won’t turn off his ear bud phone call while you're getting your ass handed to you on fry station. So now you have to pull yourself out of hell because you would expect the chef that’s calling tickets to say, “HEY! HELP HIM!”

These things happen every day in most industries where humans must work together in small rooms. It’s only in the culinary world where we have knifes, high temperature oils, and fermenting processes that bring this industry into a more dangerous setting than most other jobs. How dangerous is an office job? You dump your coffee on your keyboard? Come on.

From all races, ages, and weight sizes, you find yourself dealing with all walks of life. It’s your job to get along with that person, NO MATTER WHAT. Yeah you can complain, but no one in management really gives a fuck what you think. Unless you yell out RAPE or something harassment-like, No one really cares to help you. Now if you put up your two week notice, you may have meeting and talk about your feelings about what happened and how to fix them. But here’s the big picture.

Everyone comes to work to make money. It’s not our business to know what the money is used after it is earned. All I know is my rent needs to be paid. So I tell myself, “If I’m at work, I’m going to have fun.”

That seems unprofessional to some people, I know. But when you realize how hard a kitchen job really is, you’ll know real quick how to get through the time. You can blast hip hop or death metal. Even people delve into talking about religion or politics to get through a slow night.

If you can’t find a way to get through the day, you’re out.

If you are on this site, it’s because that guy on that phone call with the ear buds next to you wont help you plate. Tickets just keep coming in and you can’t even stop to take a breath. He’s just standing there with his hands pressing against the cutting board and laughing. And he’s not even laughing at you! All you wanna do is grab his fucking braids that he just got done and pull his face down into the fryer.

Now you’re thinking wait… This is illegal. That’s attempted murder or assault.

No one said anything about killing people.

This is fiction.

Yours truly,

Tyler Burton